Why La Frontera Arizona

La Frontera Arizona has a culture of respect. We respect each other, and we respect the community we serve. We embrace and celebrate the many different cultures that make up our employee and client populations. The reason we have such a huge impact on our community is because we have a supportive leadership team and great employees. Everyone who works at La Frontera Arizona shares the same passion and love for the community in which we live and serve. See what our employees are saying about why they love working at La Frontera:

I work in medical records and I know I can count on my team for anything. We work with a lot of homeless and needy clients, but it is extremely gratifying to be able to help this population. I can’t express how I feel when a smile or hug of gratitude is directed my way.
—Cher Lashley, COSS IV/Team Leader

The reason I enjoy working at La Frontera Arizona is because of the friendly environment, the opportunities to grow, the vision, and above all, the caring people I work with.
—Diana Crocker, Intake-Recovery Facilitator

I love my job because of the atmosphere and the people—we are like a family. We want to see each other succeed and are willing to help each other.
—Kiera Thorn, Recovery Facilitator

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